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Adorer Jamai

Adorer jamai (আদরের জামাই) is a Bangla action comedy movie directed by Shahadat Hosion Liton and produced by Impress Telifilm Ltd. This bangla movie features Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas in the lead roles, with Nipun and Misa Shodugor.

Directed by	Shahadat Hossion Liton
Produced by	Impress Telifilm Ltd.
Starring	Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Nipun, Misa Shodugor
Music by	Ali Akram Shuvo
Studio	Impress Telifilm Ltd.
Distributed by	Ashirbad Chalochitra
Release date(s)	December 30, 2011
Country	        Bangladesh
Language	Bengali

Adorer Jamai Bangla Movie Online

Whom do you like it . No Sound crying voice cracking . I sunei tends to hang early jasima explorer front . Patalapurira silence came down . Biephadisira the car horn and citkarakeo It sounds fine . The crying again , cut cut  Said I will take the shot .
The unit was shooting in front of the monitor, the director of badiula Khokan . Literal in front of the camera . Standing in front of the camera in the hands of the APU . Director for the reminder that misses . The camera starts running . APU bouquet of flowers in hand, and went out to the car I drive itself .

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