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Chander Pahar

Chander Pahar is a Kolkata Bangla movie, directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee which released in 2013, starring Dev, Gérard Rudolf, Martin Cuto Otto along with others.

Director:  Kamaleshwar Mukherjee
Main Cast: Dev, Gérard Rudolf, Martin Cuto Otto...  more
Release: Dec 20, 2013

Chander Pahar Bangla Film Online

Chander Pahar Bengali movie, a large period experience movie is placed within the 12 months 1909 whenever Shankar, a young man from the town will get employment inside a jute generator within Shymnagar, however he’s an incredibly daring guy as well as he or she desires to visit discover jungles and become within the crazy because which type of crazy character fascinates him or her as well as he’s usually considered well-known explorers to become their idols. He  will get employment like a clerk using the Ugandan Railways through good fortune as well as occurs within The African continent. He quickly is available in to make contact with along with types of danger- elephants, the actual dark mamba, all who he’s going to encounter along with achievement after which he run into the actual well-known explorer Alvarez who he or she rescues. Alvarez informs him .
he may be not successful within seeking the biggest gemstone my own together with his companion who was simply wiped out with a beast that pads the actual mines. Shankar models away to find the actual my own together with Alvarez who’s wiped out through the beast. He discovers the actual my own accidentally. He bears a few small stones in error that are really expensive diamonds as well as following locating the continues to be associated with Gatti, he discovers directions within Gatti’s footwear that teaches anybody that discovers their continues to be will keep the actual expensive diamonds as long as the individual buries Gatti. Following doing this, Shankar will get dropped as well as countries upward within the Kalahari leave through exactly where he’s rescued with a study group as well as he or she models cruise with regard to house following recuperating, however vows to return towards the cavern eventually.

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